Planning and Preparation

     Some of the elements in planning and preparation in the framework put emphasis on the demonstration of knowledge of content and students and designing formative assessment. I have selected the Formative Assessment project for the artifact for Domain 1 as it demonstrated those elements. I enjoyed the process of analyzing a student's writing work by five components: strength, genre components, text structure, grammatical forms, and vocabulary. MacDonald et al. state that “giving students feedback that is formative-that gives them the information and tools they need to improve their performance-does more than help improve their language skills. It brings them on board as active partners in their learning and helps them develop the meta-cognitive focus and skills essential to being effective learners” (MacDonald et al., 2010, p. 40). The significance of the formative assessment is that it affords students a sense of ownership in their learning by providing a rubric with focus on a few areas, which can be easily applied to not only English learners but the general students.

Formative Assessment Assignment