Classroom Environment

The artifacts I have chosen for Domain 2 are two pictures taken before and after I rearranged my classroom. One of the elements in Domain 2 in the framework stresses organizing physical space. Danielson (2007) identifies that classroom physical space affects interactions and structure of activities. Image 1a shows a picture before I rearranged the classroom. The classroom is small and can fit no more than six students, including teachers, with a group table at the center of the room. This became more problematic when my students of K & 1st MLs started reading decodable texts and I was not able to provide a big screen that showed the entire page for the whole class reading. The solution I came up with was to move the table to one side of the wall and set up a projector in a small corner of the room. The students would have a sitting space on the rug facing the screen for general instruction and transition to the table for a pair-reading or independent tasks later. In Image 1b are the table against the wall and the screen behind after the rearrangement. My MLs did read-alouds, whole group reading, and discussion on the rug before moving to the table, and the new setting helped to reduce some small accidents of students tripping due to the tight space with a table and six chairs in the room. 

1a. Before rearranging my classroom

 1b. After rearrangement